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A Quick Step in September


The virginia creeper is shining outside the window, and despite the existence of a list to tick off, I decide to have a quick afternoon wander round Coldstream. BAVS window is its usual respendent self:



I take the cut down to the bank of the Leet, which is shining deep blue below the bridge:


“Above us only sky”:


Really there is no time to do the usual round, so I step across the green, passing a gentleman of a certain age in biker’s gear, who is sitting having a snack at one of the tables, and whom I feel is gazing at me covertly, probably wondering what I am up to as I walk under the shadow of the bridge.  Here the water drops off a small weir:



The gauge at the top of the wall is possibly to do with flooding. The Leet, a small river, has the most amazing capacity (or lack of capacity?) to flood, it can just take over, very swiftly: I have seen lamposts sticking up out of the water along Penitent’s Walk, which has become completely submerged under water, it happens a lot of the time. Apparently the whole valley of the Hirsel can become one sheet of water.

I push through the mass of stinging nettles along this part of the bank, and look down to see reflections of apple trees that are high overhead. Inthe first case I think the blurring is from camera shake, but to me at least it has a certain impressionist, or should it be pointillist, charm:





Up there, in the garden high overhead, it isn’t only apple trees.  There is a long workshop, which must be a stunning place to work:


Enough already with the reflections. Time to take a brisk walk up Coldstream High Street, and turn down Nun’s Walk, and for once take some pictures of the hills, as their colours at this time of year and in this late are attractive – also I hardly ever take pictures of the hills unless there is a barley field or a river in between:



So those are my pictures from the top of Nun’s Walk, of the hills that are the background ot the town. River Tweed turns in a wide coil round the fields of The Lees:


And I say farewell to the sunlit September view through the tall steps of September grasses, before getting back to ticking things off that list:


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