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Tony’s Garden: Shells, Glass and Mint


A corner of the garden, near the pond. I washed these shells and placed them back on the decking.They are part of the pond environment, together with the plastic alligator, the ducks that have lost their heads when tons of snow fell off the roof on top of them, and the iris and waterlilies. Once the pond was deeper, and had fish in it, but it took about an hour for one of the herons to dispense with the fish. There are many acers round the pond, and clematis climbing every which way; and overhead the lead swan which comes from a Sussex house from long ago. The mint has grown so thick now, if I want to see the waterlilies I have to push past the mint, and can smell it in the autumn air.

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  1. Cara I can smell the mint up to here..


    Comment by doronart | September 9, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi, Doron. Hope you’re having a good morning.Yes, the mint has a wonderful smell, but I think the most striking is the basil, which we have a pot of up the garden. I put a couple of leaves in with some baked salmon pieces the other day and you could just get a whiff of that redolence. But the smell itself as the plant is growing – just for a moment, it’s like a Mediterranean hillside, in the middle of the Scottish Borders…


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | September 10, 2013 | Reply

      • Cara I bet it is, I have tried but it did not work it did not last long. I must give it ago love fresh herbs. Send down some Scottish soil… ha


        Comment by doronart | September 11, 2013

      • The Scottish soil round here is, admittedly, very rich (now the fields are ploughed, you can see it is almost a maroon colour). “The Merse” is the name for a large area of rich farmland near here. Our local farmer won the accolade of “Arable Farmer of the Year” or somesuch title. However, to return to the basil, since it was grown in a pot and probably in compost, and quite possinbly originally acquired from the local Lidl, I suspect it was just good luck and a nice summer that kept it going. On the other hand, just near the basil we had some sweet peas which have grown voluminously but with nairy a flower, so something has gone wrong there!


        Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | September 13, 2013

      • Had to read little bit on your area.. beautiful coast line. I think what you try to say Cara is ‘Touch’ or in this case green fingers.. I am new to all of it but this year as I could not do much due to my health only little few things grown up. Beside we had so much rain that plenty did not grow. But I carry an ‘L’ plate on this side and with time will get better. As everything taste much better and it is organic. I am learning…


        Comment by doronart | September 13, 2013

  2. Painting and gardening are probably the best things to lift your spirits, and I hope help your health too, as lifted spirits can make one feel better. As for the healthy food, we live off beans, grown organically, during the later part of summer, I even put them, suitably steamed, in tinned soup. Tony is the gardener, he has made a the place out of nothing, i just moved in here and found a lovely, individual garden, and then he built me a studio out amongst the bean rows. I do a bit of weeding, when pushed.


    Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | September 13, 2013 | Reply

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