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The Colours of Comfrey


There are some plants that seem to have such a variety of shape and colour that sometimes I wonder whether they are the same plant, or different varieties of that plant.  Forget-me-not is one, and the red campion also.  Comfrey is more or less the same in its shape and habitat, but the colours of the plant are so varied, and I don’t know the reason for this at all.  I took these photographs along a small patch of ground beside River Tweed, over the space of a few minutes. It seems to me that the balsam would make a beautiful decorative pattern, and I may think of ways to use it as such.  These colours, of  pale blue, mauve, pale pink, bright pink and a deep magenta-purple all harmonise with the colour of the leaves, which is something that flowers do really well, harmonise their colours with their foliage.  They put artists to shame, really.

Flowers are suddenly everwhere, swathes of them, we seem to have gone from a cold spring to high summer.  The recent rain has refreshed the landscape.  I still put on far too many clothes when I go out, and look sideways at people to see if anyone is as idiotic as me; but no, everywhere the garb is tee shirts, thin straps over bare shoulders, shorts. Bronzing people, or people with big hats. I take off my jersey and tie it round my waist and go on my inelegant way.

Walking beside the balsam, in the space of a few hundred yards, I saw two discarded shoes.  And there is another in the little wood just a short way away. How do people lose shoes? Or perhaps better not to ask. It has occurred to me to take pictures of discarded clothes, you see them all over the place, and not just children’s gloves.

Two friends of mine were walking along in the countryside one day and the more poverty stricken of them was bemoaning the holes in his footwear.  The other friend said, “Look, there are some shoes in that bush.” And there they were, a perfectly good pair of shoes in a  bush. My more poverty stricken friend put on the shoes, and  they fitted fine.


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