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northumberland map 2

Trying to decide what colour to have the base of my new tiny ( ie. 11.5mm x 160mm) maps of Berwick and the surrounding area, I looked up some maps I did some time ago. I think the base of ochre, with coloured details, works OK on this map, rather than the more sombre raw umber colour that I had for the latest rough. There is a constant juggling between contrast and harmony, which of course are not mutually exclusive.  But doing a map of this nature, which is not a bird’s-eye view but a flat decorative surface which needs to be read as a whole, I feel that the colours need to be fairly consistent in tone. This map was done for the Aurora Project some years ago, and shows the location of studios of artists belonging to that project, over the region.

Alston map (2)

This map of the Alston area was part of a tourist project for the region. The original map was large, and was reduced when printed, which gives fine detail.  However, I cannot afford to work on an enlarged scale for the current project, as the lettering is being done by hand ( I took no part in the very nice lettering on the Alston map) and this is more difficult to read than print. Eventually I shall master In Design, for which I need to buy a new version, and my spanking new graphics tablet, so as to be able to do a lot more with lettering than I can do at the moment. But that is part of a project for this coming year.

In the meantime, I shall get back to my struggle to fit a large area of Northumberland, with a small area of the Scottish Borders, on to a shape that doesn’t quite match the shape of the journey, and try to do large enough lettering to be legible, without obscuring the various routes. Every commission has its own problems to work out, but I had a couple of fascinating days in good company, walking round Berwick, then driving round the wider district, including a journey over to Lindisfarne, taking photographs and thinking how to approach this interesting project.


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