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River and Swans

Tweed Water

Tweed Water

This is the Tweed outside the small fishing hut, where the water falls over the weir, so the smooth surface turns into this thick silver wave. I have been working on a meticulous project (having  abandoned  acrylics and canvas for a while) and now I just leave the work table  for a taste of the cold afternoon air.

The sky is a delicate turquoise when the clouds clear.

Snow on the Hills

Snow on the Hills

I walked past the little temple that has warning signs that say it is a dangerous edifice

small temple

Small Crumbling Monument

past the willows, and snowdrops growing amongst the river debris after the floods, then through the Lees where the swans are grazing

wintering swans

Wintering Swans

then home again, as the shadows deepen.

One Little Light

One Little Light

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