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December: Walking in The Hirsel

Today I walked up to the Hirsel with my camera, and went round the lake, then home through the dusk. A couple of years back I sold a painting of a pheasant walking on the frozen lake, cut across by reeds so it was half hidden.  It was in a terrible frame, so I reduced the price, but was a tad touched that someone had taken to the painting, which I thought had quite a strange image, but one that I had actually seen. At that time I didn’t keep any record of my paintings as I was surprised to sell them, but this year I have taken photographs of my work, however naff the quality of the images. I don’t know whether this keeping records alters my attitude to my work.

The Hirsel is an estate where one can wander freely at any time, with only the grounds round the house being marked Private.  Scotland apparently has no law of trespass, so there is never a feeling that one should scarper across open space trying not to be seen.  There is so much open space in the Scottish Borders.  This is a record of a cold walk in December, on a beautiful estate. At the moment I am still taken with the sky, but perhaps water, reflections and shadows will be themes for when the warmer weather, and the calmer skies, arrive.

I used to only take photographs for details I needed for illustrations, but since the advent of digital cameras I can indulge myself, standing in the dark taking a picture of a frozen puddle, and trying to look what I am doing, as the last cars from the Hirsel go slowly by, trying to negotiate the speed bumps.  Actually a camera is quite useful, as is a notebook, as I discovered when doing pictorial maps in Berwick, and negotiating my way through strange corners where I suspect I was an intruder.

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